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Salsa Style travels in many event in the greater Montreal region as well as in many salsa and bachata congresses and conventions across Canada and the United States.

Here are the next events where you will be able to purchase our shoes.
May 13 2017
Mambo Addiction , Quebec, QC
May 19 to 21 2017
Montreal Salsa Convention , Montreal, Qc
May 26 2017
Mambo & Bachata -Théatre Rialto, Montréal , Qc
June 3rd 2017
It's So Salsa, So Danse, Beloeil, QC
June 9 - 11 2017
Winnipeg International Salsa Congress , Winnipeg, MB
June 10th 2017
Gala R&R, Plaza Theatre, Montréal, QC
June 24th, 2017
Salsaria, Ottawa, ON
June 23 - 25 Juin 2017
BKS Experience , Calgary, AB
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