Heel Height  

Low Heels - 2.5"

Low heels are ideal for beginners or those that are not used to wearing high heels on a daily basis.
You can also opt for a lower heel if you have knee or back injuries, or even if you are just looking for a good pair of practice shoes.

Standard Heels - 3" 

  Three-inch heels are the standard in Latin dances. They allow dancers to place the weight on the front part of the foot, without it being too high.
Salsa dancers need to have their weight on the front of the foot in order to be able to use all the muscles in the legs rather than having all the weight on your heel.

High Heels - 3.5"  

Stiletto heels are sexy and perfect for Argentine Tango and Kizomba. In these dances, women will lean forward towards their partners to be able to follow.
Many experienced Salsa and Bachata dancers will also opt for these heels since they offer a very feminine style.

Salsa Style Booth   

We attend all the popular dance events in Montreal, on the South Shore as well as on the North Shore with all our dance shoes. We also attend most of the salsa and bachata conventions all across the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.